Kauko Röyhkä


Kauko Röyhkä is a respected long-time rock musician and writer. His career as a musician and novelist began in 1980, when he released his first album and book. The musician-writer’s career has continued strong throughout the years until today.
Röyhkä has released a total of more than 30 albums with different lineups in four different decades. Hundreds of songs have been created during this time. Among the most famous songs from the early days are “Lauralle”, “Talo meren stranda”, “Paska kaupunki” and “Paha maa”.
Kauko Röyhkä has published several books since the 80s. Röyhkä’s novel Two Suns was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in 1996. Recent publications include book projects with Arman Alizadi and Ville Haapasalo and two crime novels together with Anneli Aunola. Kauko Röyhkä was awarded the Finland Prize in 1995 and the State Art Prize in 2009.


A Long Journey to Paradise

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“Long journey to paradise” is Kauko Röyhkä’s second vinyl LP on Super NFT Society. It is a continuation of the album Pilvet meren yää, which was…

Clouds Above
the Sea

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Quite a few of the songs on the album hark back to youth. The tender moments experienced in youth are the basis for the development of a person’s personality. Nature, music, love – these are the themes I want to deal with. In these bleak times, I want to bring summer light and brightness to myself and, at the same time, to the lives of my listeners. In Marjata’s memoir ‘Marjata’s Son’ I described my own youth, what really happened, but there is also another level of youth that I can better express through music and song lyrics.
The recording of “Paradise” has already started. Mikko Hellström (bass), Janne Riisiö (percussion), Roberto Lanz (drums) and Mikko Janatuinen (guitar), all familiar from the previous NFT album, are involved. Other players and singers may join

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