Ivy Nymph

You purchase a unique work of Art by extraordinary artist Carmen Delaco.

When you buy the NFT you  get a 62×47 cm print on Museum photographic paper of the work of art, signed by the author.

Size: 5000 × 3784 píxeles

Format: TIFF

Blockchain: Ethereum

The first purchaser of the unique digital work of art, is entitled to receive a Photographic Museum Quality Print in Hahnemuhle paper signed by the Artist.

Worldwide shipment included. / We accept FIAT and Cryptopayments in the checkout. / 14 days return policy


Edition of 1 + AP only in print form.

This work of art is a unique digital creation by renowed artist Carmen Delaco.

The purchase entitles you to true ownership of the original form of the piece of art, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain. The creation is ready to roam the Metaverse in multiple shows and exhibitions.

You get a unique signed and numbered. print in Fine Art Hahnemuehle paper, a Museum Grade Photographic substrate

The Tale

Different creatures play their role in this nocturnal fairy tale where the surreal character of their bodies point out that the “dream” is the place where they inhabit and have been created. The creator, in this case the dreamer, reflects her identity in each one of them, and it is her subconscious that takes us to the forest where she was born while scenes unfold.

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Kauko Röyhkä - Suuri kerskuri