High on Life #13


Sheikki’s High on Life collection of origninal and unique photographic artworks are a shout out to positivity.

Sheikki’s art is displayed across different spaces having made collaborations with hotels, clothing for artists, a craft beer being released in this autumn, paintings and custom works for clients.

High on Life its on a growing hype and the collection has arrived to roam the metaverse in online galleries and digital spaces.

Size: 4000 × 6000 px

Format: JPG

You receive a NFT registered on the Ethereum blockchain. You can download the original file and print or reproduce it in any way you like.

When you have purchased the NFT you have the option to acquire a unique print in Museum quality paper. Which will be delivered in 90 days from de day of the purchase. Each NFT will only deliver only one authentic copy signed by the artist. This is unique 1 on 1 piece of art.



Public Sale

Limited Edition


A Jason mask on my couch in the middle of the night caught my attention and the whole idea was born. All I could find in my stash was black and white paint, fabric, an armchair and some old clothes to paint. Next morning everything was painted white and next I painted the word that best describes me, “High”, all over everything. The rest is history.