Carmen Delaco

Carmen Delaco

I am a Spanish artist who grew up under the artistic education imparted by my parents from the earliest childhood. I was learning self-taught from the “English school” artists, specially Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud in London. When I came back to Madrid the Goya’s influence was very latent in my works, shown at international art fairs such as ARCO, Zona MACO, Pulse Miami, KIAF, SCOPE and Shanghai Contemporary Art among others. The decision to return to the place where I was born and lead an isolated life in nature, makes me interested in the mixture of the human being with the animal and nature, giving rise to all my subsequent artworks.

"A forest night’s dream"

Unique artworks by Carmen Delaco

Unique collection of digital creations by renowed artist Carmen Delaco.

Different creatures play their role in this nocturnal fairy tale where the surreal character of their bodies point out that the “dream” is the place where they inhabit and have been created. The creator, the dreamer, reflects on her identity. Her subconscious takes us to the forest where she is born in an unfolding scenery.

These creatures comprise , the “Night”: whose presence floods the earth’s surface, turning our world into a mirror subordinated to it; represented with its mouth open, a door that induces us to enter the mystery.
the “Moon”: eternally stable between sleep and wakefulness, it observes with calm radiance the other beings of the forest: the “Spider”, the “Moth”, the “Fireflies”… and as in every fairytale, its queen (“Queen of the fairies”), hidden under the nebula of her royal cloak, approaches us surrounded by her court of maidens, sensual “Flower nymphs”, sexual “Reedbed nymphs”… A reedbed that divides her magical kingdom from another with even darker nights, where the “Wolf” frightens us, the “Roots” imprison us, and certain “Wild Animals” with the “Witch” perform their spells of life and death.

The purchase of the original and unique digital work entitles you to true ownership of the work, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ready to roam the Metaverse in multiple shows and exhibitions.

You receive a print signed by the artist and the original work of art as a NFT.

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